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Over the years we have built a variety of types of bulkheads, sea-walls and decks. We have built with pressure treated wood, vinyl sheet pile and poured-in-place concrete. Each type of bulkhead has benefits. The best type and prices are different for each project. Not one of our bulkheads has ever failed; we build them right the first time. In these photos you can see example of the different materials and installation. Sheet pile and wooden bulkheads use tie-backs that ensure that the bulkhead will not lean over (using all-thread tie backs allows tightening the bolts to make minor alterations.) Concrete bulkheads are poured-in-place on concrete footers with rebar for support. We use the right materials and install them correctly. If you are thinking of installing a bulkhead, sea-wall or deck please give us an opportunity to help you plan it and give you a quote for the work.