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ATS excels at:

Delivering Fill Dirt

Digging Ponds

Clearing & Bush-hogging

but ATS is so much more ....

Aarons Trucking Service Road Paving

Road Construction

Aarons Trucking Service building Bulkhead and Storm Pipe

Bulkheads & Storm Piping

Aarons Trucking Service Site Work

Site Work

Arrons Trucking Service Clearing


Arrons Trucking Concrete Bulkhead

Bulkheads & Storm Piping


Building ponds is an ATS specialty

Our experience spans digging private “fish” ponds to building large stormwater retention ponds for subdivisions under the authority of the St. Johns River Water Management District. With the larger drainage systems, we usually build drainage structures, catch basins, outfall structures and underground piping to on channel the runoff. If you want a pond installed on your property, many times we can dig the pond for free. No project is too small or too large. Please give us a call to help you plan your project.